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AskGamblers Online Casino Review Website

AskGamblers is a well-known Online Casino Review Website and claims to be “Worlds Best Online Casino Website”.

In the years of the websites operation, i was one to believe that the website holds a reputable stance on fair & trustworthy reviews being apparently a top branded informational based provider on casinos. This unfortunately is far from the truth.


Issues regarding AskGamblers operations

When you first visit the site you would be convinced that this site has everything you need to find out about casinos and even more. Low & Behold though, if you join their community in an attempt to provide your honest experiences on any of the casinos on Askgamblers in which you were being upfront as possible.

For example, giving the casinos a rating of 5-6 and lower and commenting on the details of your experience which states the truths, this would have you banned from the website completely as a result of upsetting the operators.

It Seems that they see this as no good for their business as to blind you from the fact that alot of casinos do treat players bad from time to time.

If AskGamblers picks up on your honest reviews which are anything but what they see to be honest in their eyes, they will block your IP address and delete your reviews immediately.

There is also the issue of spam. They relentlessly send spam on a regular basis in which i have witnessed first hand.

When confronted on live chat about this and also the legal matter surrounding advertising to countries which it is illegal to advertise, the live chat rep denied any wrong doing and persisted to say they are doing nothing wrong on their part.

After trying to explain to them what i meant by providing them with factual information regarding their marketing operations, they abruptly ended the conversation and went on to block my IP address.

Though mind you they still allow me access to their marketing material being casino promotions/offers upon the brands they advertise, though do not allow me access to the community section to contribute anything.

This in essence, is the act of trying to take control of their reviews, also what players see and eventually what people will perceive the casinos as.

This sort of business practice is dishonest and tricks the future visitors/players into thinking the casinos offer much more than they actually do.

You might ask yourself, “What is the use of a website that allows player reviews, then when a player posts their experiences, the review and the AskGamblers member is completely disregarded for the websites own financial benefit.

Well all i can say to that is, this world isnt all sunshine and rainbows people, as you might come to believe when you first visit this so called “Worlds Best Online Casino Website”.

AskGamblers Conclusion

There are many reasons why AskGamblers is losing its reputation at a much faster rate every year. For the issues i have raised here in this review & experienced first hand with the website, it would only be right to rate this review website a 1 out of 5.

After all its all about the customers in any business, and if they put more importance their business then the players they refer to the casinos, it is not hard to see why i have written this review and rated the website accordingly, as to give valuable insight into the inner working of the websites operation.


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